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Offer Mint (Video Sharing)

Enable word-of-mouth marketing for your website by getting website visitors to promote your video over social media in exchange of instant coupons/rewards.

$15 per month and up. No set up fees.
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Without the proper approach most ecommerce marketers find it difficult to make their videos and commercials go viral on digital platforms. The huge amount of money spent on video making goes for a toss if the video is not marketed properly. Offer Mint enables viral video marketing for your online store. By adding Offer Mint to your website you can boost the reach of your videos across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and more by rewarding your customers with lucrative coupons, deals and giveaways . The Click through rate in this case is much greater than any other link share, photo or piece of text.
So what are you waiting for ? Start video sharing and go VIRAL with Offer Mint !
Offer Mint Tab - A Viral Marketing Tool
Unlocking an offer from Offer Mint - A Viral Marketing Tool
Analyzing offers using Offer Mint - A Viral Marketing Tool
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  • Acquire Fans & Followers: Convert upto 5% of your daily website traffic into customers and build your social audience. These fans and followers are more likely to make a purchase and are genuinely interested in the brand. By this method you tend to build brand advocates.
  • Brand Mentions & Virality: Improved Visibility at a less cost for both your brand and your offer. Each customer who unlocks the offer is spreading your video socially! You can get as high as 25% of your shoppers to spread the word about you thus boosting your brand visibiilty.
  • Increased Views & Referral Traffic: Each video share by your visitors is reaching out to more potential shoppers. Increased CTR of 8-10% can be achieved thus boosting your overall video views.
  • Lower customer acquisition cost: Rather than spending huge marketing budgets on affiliates or coupon sites, giving additional discounts to customers reduces the overall cost of customer acquisition. More happy customers.
  • Improve Sales & Conversions: Customers earning incentives are 15-20% more likely to buy from your store as compared to other visitors, thereby increasing the net website conversion rate.
  • Bounce Rate Reduction: Offer Mint engages the user, thus keeping him on the page for a longer time, also giving you the ability to redirect the user to another page post unlock.
  • More effective than Social Plugins: Facebook & Twitter social plugins embedded on your website only attract about ~0.1% of your visitors, this method of customer acquisition is far more effective.
  • User Experience: Website visitors have 1-click access to the coupons, keeps the users focused on shopping rather than coupon hunting!
  • Easy to Implement: No coding or website changes are required to manage this app. Our merchant panel helps you Create/Manage/Analyze everything from our Unified Dashboard.
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