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Offer Mint (Lead Capture)

Enable Lead Capturing on your website by offering website visitors to unlock a discount in exchange for becoming an email subscriber.

$15 per month and up. No set up fees.
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Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping and 68% of the email users have acted on the marketing offer received in the email. Because of this reason, 70% of marketers believe that email is the core to their business and 53 % say lead nurturing is the top objective of emails.

Email marketing till date drives maximum amount of sales. Still customers are unlikely to subscribe to emails, due to lack of incentives attached to it. By adding Offer Mint to your website it is easy for you to generate the list of email ids of prospective customers. Users are prompted to unlock discount codes by entering their email address. These customers can be reached out through emails on a regular basis and convert them into buyers.
Grab the opportunity and start generating more qualified leads today with Offer Mint!
Offer Mint Tab - A Viral Marketing Tool
Unlocking an offer from Offer Mint - A Viral Marketing Tool
Analyzing offers using Offer Mint - A Viral Marketing Tool
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  • Lead Capturing: Get upto 10X more people to subscribe to your newsletters. Use our Behavioural Targeting engine to your advantage and push lead capture forms to visitors once they become interested. Not just that, run follow-up email campaigns using our Email Re-Targeting Engine & Convert!
  • Lower customer acquisition cost: Rather than spending huge marketing budgets on affiliates or coupon sites, giving additional discounts to customers reduces the overall cost of customer acquisition. More happy customers.
  • Improve Sales & Conversions: Customers earning incentives are 15-20% more likely to buy from your store as compared to other visitors, thereby increasing the net website conversion rate.
  • Bounce Rate Reduction: Offer Mint engages the user, thus keeping him on the page for a longer time, also giving you the ability to redirect the user to another page post unlock.
  • More effective than Social Plugins: Facebook & Twitter social plugins embedded on your website only attract about ~0.1% of your visitors, this method of customer acquisition is far more effective.
  • User Experience: Website visitors have 1-click access to the coupons, keeps the users focused on shopping rather than coupon hunting!
  • Easy to Implement: No coding or website changes are required to manage this app. Our merchant panel helps you Create/Manage/Analyze everything from our Unified Dashboard.
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