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Kart Mint

Improve your website conversion by reducing your cart cancellations. Showcase a highly compelling offer when then shopper tries to exit the browser window. Recover before you need to retarget!

$15 per month and up. No set up fees.
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75% of online shoppers abandon their carts without completing their transactions out of which 84% are more likely to research online to find the best price.

Get upto 10-15% of these potential customers through Kart Mint. 75% of the money spent on inbound marketing is wasted and the overall conversion comes upto only 2 to 2.5 %. It eventually reduces the cost spent on re-targeting campaign to get the visitor back to your website to convert into a buyer.

With the special “Exit Targeting” technology used by us, you can recover up to 25% of your lost customers. Kart Mint constantly monitors the activity of the visitor on the website and in the split second when customer is about to close the browser window, an offer is made tempting them to stay, spend more time and make a purchase on the website. An instant conversion is triggered through the offer and this also helps you to gather email addresses of up to 5-10% of all abandoning visitors to follow up and retarget.
See results in Real Time and start improving the conversions today with Kart Mint.
Offer Mint Tab - A Viral Marketing Tool
Unlocking an offer from Offer Mint - A Viral Marketing Tool
Analyzing offers using Offer Mint - A Viral Marketing Tool
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  • Sales & Conversions Uplift: Reduce cart cancellations at checkout. Our technology is essentially granting you an extra page view to retain that visitor.
  • Lead Capturing: You can recover upto 5-10% of all abandoning visitors. You can use this data to follow up on potential buyers and also sign them up for upcoming promotions.
  • Shopper Insights: Provides access to in-depth insights about customer, analytical and statistical reports which in turn can be used to improve customer experience.
  • Engagement & User Experience: Stops the customer from cart abandonment and engages them, by providing a bait to stay on the website.
  • Easy to Implement: No coding or website changes are required to manage this app. Our merchant panel helps you Create/Manage/Analyze everything from our Unified Dashboard.
Multiple Campaign
Exit Targeting
Set up special 'Exit Targeting' rules to show the campaign at the split second when the shopper is trying to abandon their purchase.
Statistics & Insights
Get deeper customer insights, analysis, statistics and reports about shoppers and build a strong customer support system even before they write to you.
Email Re-Targeting
Remind visitors about their cart cancellations. Send out personalized e-mails by including relevant products based on visitor browsing history, cart addition and more. Get back those lost customers and see conversion rates shoot up.
Custom Styling
Highly customizable and provide a complete control in designing and customizing various elements like pop-up, banner, theme, text, font, style etc. to match with the look and feel of your website.
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