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Buddy Mint

Enable this social app on your e-commerce store, providing undecided website visitors the ability to create a poll from their shopping list and send it to their friends for vote.
Friends' Advice = Faster Decisions = Faster Checkout!

$99 per month and up. No set up fees.
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More than 80% of shoppers request advice from their friends and family and over 70% of them claim that it significantly influences their decision to purchase a product. 70 % obtain information about other user’s experience through various social networking sites. All this indicates that a shopper always seeks second opinion from their friends and other shopping buddies. This exercise is easy if shopper is buying from a brick and mortar offline store, but simulating this behavior online, is the challenge. When shoppers research for the right product from the clutter of products, they seek for trusted recommendations from their shopping buddies rather than blindly following other internet reviews. Analytics may show high page visits, but one of the reason for low conversion is the indecision factor of shoppers thereby reduction in page visit : conversion ratio.

Don’t you worry people !! We at ViralMint have a perfect solution to root out this inherent problem of customer engagement effectively.

Buddy Mint facilitates retailers to reduce confusion and indecision factor from the minds of the customers, brings them to a comfort level by assisting in taking advice from their friends and shopping buddies. This not only provides the customer required relevant recommendations and trusted reviews, but also empowers them to make quick decision and ultimately reduces bounce rate. Apart from the core functionality of converting the undecided customers into buyers, BuddyMint also attracts the inquisitive friends of potential customers to the website and opens the gate for inflow of extra data that comes along with each enquiry poll and its recommendations. It gives you the insights about user’s purchase behavior and latest trends.

So, it is a win –win situation for you as well as your customers.
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  • Sales & Higher Conversion Ratio: Reduces customer checkout time by providing them a platform to interact with others and make faster decisions.
  • Referral Traffic: Each poll brings in more potential buyers. High CTR rates since friends want to help their friends, guaranteed boost in your referral traffic.
  • Reduce Support Queries: As customers post queries to their friends and shopping buddies it reduces the number of support and help queries.
  • Shopper Insights: Provides access to in-depth insights about customer, analytical and statistical reports which improves customer experience.
  • Engagement and User Experience: Potential Customers can connect with their friends and buddies in 1-click for advice, this keeps users engaged, interested and focused on shopping.
  • Easy to Implement: No coding or website changes are required to manage this app. Our merchant panel helps you Create/Manage/Analyze everything from our Unified Dashboard.
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