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"ViralMint is Viral Marketing done right! We were looking at Innovative ways to reach out to larger set of users to try our Eyeglasses. With Viralmint's word-of-mouth marketing apps, we got this rolling within no time and have seen a staggering 30% redemption on our campaigns, especially First Frame Free campaign!"
"ViralMint enabled us to integrate our Facebook campaigns seamlessly to our site. We have found our campaigns, through ViralMint, very effective and we were able to launch our campaigns in no time. Would recommend ViralMint, to those, who are looking to run campaigns integrating Facebook on their money sites."
"These guys are great AND they do all the work for you. The Kart Mint product is really a game changer. The technology is phenomenal. We have seen a great ROI with ViralMint and this has helped us get back almost 12% of our lost sales."
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Offer Mint
Want to Acquire New Fans or increase Brand Mentions? Offer Mint gets your customers to perform social actions in order to unlock coupon codes, thus making your campaigns go viral!
Referral Mint
Referral Mint
Want to turn your customers into Brand Advocates? Referral Mint gets your customers to share their purchases over Facebook/Twitter and earn rewards for future purchases or friend referral!
Kart Mint
Turn an abandoned cart into a LEAD! Recover Abandoning Visitors and turn them into customers. Forget retargeting! Recover them before you need to retarget!
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